First and foremost, we’re pleased to report that Governor Haley has signed a new bill that provides Boeing with the tools they need to carry through on their latest expansion announcement. Boeing announced a $1 billion investment and 2000 ADDITIONAL jobs coming to North Charleston. This is an achievement that reverberates across the state for a few reasons. One, it shows Republican leadership in the Senate, House and Governor’s Office acting quickly and decisively on economic development. Two, it again puts South Carolina on the map for yet another world-class company expanding here. Three, it has economic multiplier effects statewide for the supply chain jobs it creates.

Secondly, the Senate acted to protect your 2nd Amendment rights by passing S.308, which allows a CWP holder to carry a gun into a bar or restaurant between 5AM and midnight. CWP holders are barred from consuming alcohol in a bar or restaurant while carrying their weapon. Bar and restaurant owners are still permitted to post a sign prohibiting the carrying of a concealed weapon in their establishment.

Third, we straightened out the mess that got hundreds of candidates kicked off of the ballot last year. Our election fix bill returned to the House with the previously passed Senate version plus two minor amendments. We expect difference between the House and Senate to be ironed out on this bill in short order, and sent to the governor.

Fourth, we’re working hard to create a solution to fix our roads. A special Finance Subcommittee on Transportation Funding began meeting and will to continue to meet with the goal of producing a bill by May 7 to be taken up by the full Finance Committee. They are considering all options including eight bills introduced this session dealing with transportation funding in various ways. SCDOT says they need an additional $29 billion over the next 20 years to improve our roadways to a “good” rating.

Finally, the Governor also signed into law the raffle bills this week. A constitutional question will be on the 2014 ballot to allow the people to vote to allow charitable raffles in South Carolina.

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