We adjourned the second session of the 125th South Carolina General Assembly pursuant to the provisions of S1192 – the Sine Die Resolution.  This resolution outlines the reasons we can be called back in by the President of the Senate and the House can be called back by the Speaker. The main item in the Sine Die Resolution is almost always the budget and conference committee reports.  

We were supposed to be called back in session today for the Budget Conference Committee’s report and to vote on the final budget. Last week, those negotiations came to a halt over several items. The good thing is that a continuing resolution was passed earlier in the session that avoids any state Government shutdown for not having the new budget in place.

One of the big differences between the House and Senate budgets is that the Senate Budget included a “ramp up” of the current income tax cut to be implemented over five years.  When we implemented it two years ago, it was to go from 7% to 6.5% over five years – returning about $100 million per year to taxpayers. Our budget doubles that number to $200 million going back to income taxpayers this year – not as a refund check but as more take-home pay. 

The House budget includes a one-time reduction on Property Tax.  These are good discussions to have.  

I am confident that a final budget will be worked out and we will soon be able to report on several other conference reports. I will give you a breakdown of the budget once it passes. 

We will go back to Columbia one last time to vote on any vetoes the Governor has on the budget, as well as conference report bills. 

For a list of all the bills that were passed into law, vetoed, or are in a Conference Committee, please click here

Below is a quick breakdown of the 2024 session by the numbers:

  • 687 general bills & joint resolutions introduced
  • 837 concurrent & Senate/House resolutions introduced
  • 234 general bills & joint resolutions introduced in the Senate
  • 453 votes taken in the Senate
  • 188 general bills & joint resolutions passed by the Senate
  • 132 bills signed into law

As always, thank you for the opportunity to represent District 8 in the SC Senate. It is an honor and privilege that I do not take lightly. 

If there is anything I can do to help you navigate state government or if you just want to share your thoughts and concerns, please call my Columbia office at (803) 212-6148 and my assistant, Ja’vell Bynoe, will be happy to help you.