We had a very productive week in the Senate. Here are a few things you may have missed:

Two bills that will allow schools, churches and other nonprofits to hold a limited number of raffles yearly was passed this week. S.213 establishes the qualifications for a nonprofit to conduct a raffle for charitable purposes, while S.239 is a constitutional amendment that allows South Carolina voters to decide if they would like charitable raffles to be available to nonprofits. The constitutional question would be on the ballot in 2014, and ratified by the General Assembly in 2015. Therefore, the first raffle could not be legally held until 2015.

A bill that would allow companies to receive Jobs Tax Credits moved forward this week. To receive Jobs Tax Credits, companies must contract with a Professional Employment Organization – a group that performs the payroll, human resources, and employee benefits services on a contract basis. Companies must also meet all the other requirements.

A DUI bill was set for special order this week. The bill will strengthen DUI laws in the state for repeat offenders, as well as allow an Ignition Interlock Device to be installed in vehicles of first time offenders.

S.53, sponsored by Senator Chip Campsen was reported out of a judiciary subcommittee. The bill will allow voters to decide in the 2014 General Election if they would like for the Superintendent of Education to be appointed by the Governor.

We’re determined to continue working efficiently to tackle the issues facing South Carolina, and look forward to another week of progress next week.

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