The last day of our session, Sine Die, was Thursday, May 10. Our plans at that time were to go back this week and vote on the Conference Committee bills (including the budget bill), and then come back at the end of June to vote on any Governor vetoes. 

A Conference Committee is comprised of three Senate members and three House members. The Conference Committee is appointed to meet on bills that passed both the Senate and House, but with different versions. The committee members then meet and try to compromise to get a final bill. The session this week was postponed until the end of June after the June 12th primary elections and the June 26th runoffs.

Click here to see a list of all of the bills that were passed and ratified along with a very brief summary. The “S” just means it was a Senate Bill and an “H” means it was a House bill. At the bottom of the list, you will see the bills that are in Conference committee. 

I am serving on two different committees – one dealing with School Safety Drills and the other dealing with an Applied Baccalaureate in Manufacturing Degree (Greenville Tech). I hope to write in more detail about a few of these bills after they are passed.

As always, it is an honor to represent District 8 in the South Carolina Senate. If you ever need help navigating state government or would like to discuss an issue, please contact my assistant, Ja’vell Bynoe, at (803) 212-6148 or email her.  I hope you and your family have a great summer!


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