SCDOT Public involvement portalI received an update today regarding the SCDOT’s plan to give everyone access to their actions.  The SCDOT Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall and senior staff are working on implementation plans for the new funding from H.3516, and will provide more information soon.

In the meantime, there is a new feature on the SCDOT website that increases transparency and makes it easier to learn about projects in your area.  The Public Involvement Portal allows easy access for you to follow the projects, view the public meeting calendar, and sign up for email notifications.


Here are the links available at this time:

Project Viewer:  this user-friendly map shows SCDOT projects in your area

Current Projects:  lists of usually larger-scale projects by area, with links to more information

Public Meeting Calendar:  information about upcoming public meetings in your area

Email signup:  receive notifications about public comment periods

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