Good afternoon!

I hope this weekly update finds you and your family safe and healthy, both mentally and physically. There is a lot of information flying at us from all different areas, so I want to touch base on a few issues that I have received a lot of questions about.


The members of the S.C. Senate had a conference call yesterday with Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator Tim Scott to get a briefing on the bill. The first relief most people will see will be the $1,200 check going to everyone that filed taxes last year and made under $75,000 as an individual (or $150,000 as a couple). People should start seeing those as early as next week. The bill also includes provisions for businesses, unemployed individuals, states, non-profits (including churches) and several more. 

Click here for an executive summary.

If you are a business, you need to be in touch with a bank that is an authorized SBA lender. The business funding will go through that process.

For the list of SBA Lenders in South Carolina, click here.

If you are unemployed, make sure you are set up with the state. We are not sure how additional money will be distributed, but my guess is that it will be tied to the state system. Just know that as soon as the State of Emergency is over, the Unemployment will go back to requiring job search.

Closing Non-Essential Business

The Governor issued an Executive Order yesterday ordering the shutdown of non-essential businesses. The great thing that Governor McMaster did was to list those businesses, so if your business is not on the list, the order doesn’t apply to you.  Several states attempted to make an incredibly long list of essential businesses which was very confusing.

Click here for the list of businesses named in the Governor’s summary, along with several other items of interest. 

There is also a link on the summary to the Department of Education updates on the way the remainder of the school year shapes up and how the grading is going to work.

Closing of Beaches and Public Landings on Waterways

Due to everyone swarming to and congregating at the beaches and waterways last weekend, the Governor felt it best to close public access to these areas. As usual, a few bad apples cause a very enjoyable freedom to be taken away in the interest of public safety. 

Click here for frequently asked questions from the DNR regarding the Executive Order.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

The DMV has issued a memo on their April schedule that outlines which offices will remain open and the new hours, which are by appointment only. They are going to attempt to conduct Drivers Test for Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL), because the demand is so high right now. Also note that the Federal Government extended the deadline for Real ID until October 2021. 

Click here for the details.

If you would like to receive ongoing communications from the DMV, click here.

S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (SCLLR)

Today, Director Emily H. Farr extended the deadline for licenses, registrations, and permits that were scheduled to renew during the months of April – September of this year.

Click here and page down to read her letter.

Most of us are still adjusting to the new norm, which includes a lot of family closeness and the realization that we have to do this at least another month. I am encouraged by how serious South Carolinians are taking the personal responsibility to change our behavior in regards to social distancing and continually practicing personal hygiene. I hope we all take it as a challenge and show the rest of the country how we can step up and beat even the Best Case Scenarios of the curves we have all seen.

If there is something not mentioned here that you have questions about, I would direct you to the South Carolina Department of Commerce website where a link to all Government Departments exists. 

If you have any issues with getting through to someone, please contact either me or my assistant, Ja’vell Bynoe, at (803)212-6148. Thank you for the honor to represent District 8 in the South Carolina Senate.